Consumer Protection

Crystal’s social impact is delivered through its core services. We ensure the compliance with national regulatory requirements and international standards when it comes to consumer protection. We are guided by 7 principles for client protection from SMART campaign, which are embedded in our systems and daily routines.

Social Impact

We aim to promote social impact by setting annual social objectives. By tracking social impact indicators, we report about fulfilment of the social objectives in the annual reports. We implement internal controls and conduct regular external assurance exercise through the Social Rating. We provide special services to women and youth entrepreneurs. This is delivered though our flagship CSR initiative Yes-Georgia, implemented in cooperation with USAID and W-GDP.

Women Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment Crystal is one of the first companies to sign and endorse WEPs (Women Empowerment Principals) in Georgia. In 2018, in collaboration with UN Women and CiDA, Crystal developed its Women’s Empowerment Action Plan for 2018-2019. In harmony with Crystal’s Women’s Empowerment Action Plan, a mentoring program was also introduced to female employees of Crystal in 2019. The goal of the project was to empower female employees through a mutual exchange of professional experiences, thus inspiring, promoting and encouraging both their career and personal development. Within the framework of WEPs, Crystal also:

  • Issued 15 million GEL of Women/Gender Bonds – for the first time in the region: for the economic development of thousands of female customers, providing them with financial products and equal access to capital in order to grow their small businesses. Thus far, that has meant developing special proposals for female entrepreneurs and reducing their credit service fees by 5 percent. As a result, more than 2,300 women received loans that amounted to a total of 4.7 million GEL;
  • Furthermore, in the framework of the Crystal Academy, 733 female staff members underwent various training programs; Crystal also systematically conducts gender wage-gap analyses.