Our Strategy

Our commitment to ending endemic poverty in Georgia and protecting our natural environment is integrated directly into our business model and our corporate strategy through the pursuit of a Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit. This approach demands decisions based on balance. We strive to equally address the needs of our stakeholders, the planet we live on, and the financial soundness of our customers, without no individual factor compromising the other two. To realise our mission, we have set 5 Strategic Goals



Extend financial inclusion services, underpinned by effective customer acquisition, retention and growth, to 220,000 (from current 100,000) active relationships by 2026, thus double a market share to 10%.


Customer Focus

Increase productivity of customers, primarily MSMEs, by acting as a platform for their development.


Special Groups

Diversify and grow the revenue streams through innovative propositions tailored to the needs of women, youth and other special groups.



Become environmentally sustainable company by increasing green (energy-efficiency and renewable energy) portfolio to GEL 50 million by 2026.


Stronger Institution  

Become a regional customer-centric, people-oriented and data-driven financial inclusion organisation through investment in people, systems and by building the know-how.