Crystal recognises and supports the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s assertion that “increased and urgent mitigation measures” are required to slow current levels of warming and shares the intentions of the Paris Agreement. 2 Crystal aims to protect the fragile ecosystems that it impacts through its operations, financing activity, supply chain and partner activity. Crystal also recognises the need to contribute to broader progress in the financial sector.

Crystal launched its green financing initiative in 2017 in the scope of targeted investment by FMO. The priority of the portfolio is to raise widespread public awareness of low carbon alternatives and improve their accessibility. As of 2020, the portfolio stands at GEL 8.1 million, having disbursed over 8.200 green loans, and our corporate strategy stipulates that this will increase to GEL 30 million by 2025.


A crucial component of the initiative is the promotion of Crystal’s green product line. The first challenge was the lack of awareness of green products, both among Crystal employees and in the wider community…

Environmental Impact

To measure Crystal’s environmental impact we count CO2 emissions saved by our green portfolio. 355 Tonnes of CO2 Saved by our Green Products in 2018 In partnership with local expert groups, we developed a calculator…

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