Crystal – Honorary Award Winner for Annual Report and Transparency for the Fourth Year in a Row

Crystal re-affirmed its position as an honorary award winner at the Best Annual Report and Transparency Competition (BARTA) for the fourth year in a row, demonstrating high quality and openness of its annual reporting. The award emphasizes the stable growth of the company and confirms that commitment to transparency is one of the major organizational values ​​for the Crystal team.

The Best Annual Report and Transparency Award (BARTA) is being held by the European Union and the World Bank, in partnership with the National Reforms Support Foundation in Accounting, Reporting and Auditing since 2019.

The goal of this competition is to increase the quality of reporting and transparency of Georgian companies, to encourage compliance with new regulations, to promote healthy competition and to improve the common standards of corporate reporting, which is important for gaining trust and attracting investors at the local and international level.

Overall, to emphasize importance of the competition it is noteworthy that raising the standard of openness and transparency is important message for partner international financial institutions to build long-term trustful partnership with Crystal.

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