Crystal is the Winner of Corporate Sustainability Award

The project run by Crystal – “Women’s Empowerment for Reducing Inequalities” has been announced as a winner in the Corporate Sustainability Award, hosted by the UN Global Compact Georgia Network. The company received the award in the nomination of reduced inequality (Sustainable Development Goal 10/SDG 10), in the large business category. The presented project describes the series of activities and efforts the company has been implementing in support of female entrepreneurs.

Empowerment and support of women, including entrepreneurs, is one of the cornerstones of Crystal’s corporate social responsibility. The company constantly implements sustainable initiatives in the area of education, mentoring, professional development and access to finances. It is worth noting that the experienced team of “Crystal” – management members and representatives of the branches are directly involved in those projects, providing trainings and support in economic and entrepreneurial activities and helping women not only gain new expertise and skills, but also improve their business and enhance the overall life of the communities.

“The project we presented this year “Women’s Empowerment for Reducing Inequalities” fully reflects the company’s vision as well as the past and ongoing efforts we’ve directed towards women’s empowerment, earning us the ultimate award and recognition.

This recognition is a great responsibility and motivation for us to go on with greater enthusiasm. Behind the received award is the diligent work of our team, of each employee of Crystal, striving to ensure that along with the company’s business activities, the initiatives implemented within the corporate social responsibility are sustainable, beneficial and change-making for the Georgian community” – stated CEO of Crystal, Ilia Revia. “Crystal” has become the winner of the corporate sustainability award for the third time already. In 2019, the company won the award in the category “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment”, and in 2020  –  “Smart Consumption and Production” for the “Green Financing” project.