Crystal Partners With TENE for Eco-Friendly Campaign

In partnership with the Georgian USB cable manufacturer TENE, Crystal will collect plastic waste for recycling. Special green boxes have already been installed in the company’s premises, where used plastic, batteries, and other recyclable waste can be collected. The materials will be recycled by TENE for the production of USB cables.

Being environmentally friendly, addressing climate change, and reducing environmental footprint is an important part of Crystal’s corporate social responsibility and business model. Cooperation with TENE is carried out within the framework of environmental care of the company and it’s overall strategy.

“Environmental pollution by plastic and electronic waste approaches a critical limit. Along with reducing their release into the environment, it is essential to bring these waste a second life and, by creating a new product, minimize the harmful impact on the environment as much as possible. To achieve this general goal, it is important to involve as many people and organizations as possible,” says Ilia Revia, Crystal’s Chief Executive Officer.

“While plastics, in general, are a unique material for making human life much easier, its unique properties – low intrinsic value and long-lasting ability – have proven to be its biggest disadvantage at the same time. The environment can no longer prevent the increasing use of single-use plastic by humans. Effective steps are needed to address this problem, with the private sector playing a major role. “Crystal decided to take such step, a step that I am sure will be a good example for other Georgian companies,” says Sandro Liluashvili, founder of TENE.

Speaking of environmental protection, the company has already launched the Green Crystal project, implementing various “green” projects, including energy saving and reducing the use of paper. Toward the end of the year, the company plans to implement other eco-friendly activities.